10 Reasons Evergreen Can Recruit For Your Manufacturing Or LBM Company

By | February 11, 2015

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1. Evergreen Recruiters utilizes many years of management, team building and negotiating experience, making us a very effective and successful building materials and manufacturing recruiting firm.

2. Our daily contacts work in concert with our website and social media presence. The online services of our in house computer experts extend our online reach and support, helping us network with successful companies and strong candidates all over North America.

3. We realize your company pays only out of what we bring to you. We earn our commissions on candidate performance.

4. We know where and how to find that successful candidate who will positively impact your bottom line. We will only bring you strong qualified candidates.

5. We have tremendous connections in our database of 50,000 companies and applicants. Sometimes a combination of geographical, technical and financial requirements can be met with a skilled applicant who’s committed with us long-term to transfer to the ideal position.

6. We will replace your candidate at no cost should a problem arise during the trial period.

7. We enable your company to conduct powerful, confidential and successful searches.

8. Hiring us extends support and help to your in-house HR efforts as we are an extension of your team.

9. With a keen understanding of the culture, environment, technical jargon and terminology within your company, we will bring you only those qualified professionals who are a good fit on all levels.

10. We value all of our relationships with clients and candidates alike. We enjoy working with a wide variety of manufacturers, companies, and professionals from all levels of employment, from all walks of life, from all over North America.

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