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By | January 30, 2014

US Manufacturing Continues To Heat UP

by Harold Barnard



Manufacturing employment  in 2014 continues the upward trend that left 2013’s December gain of more than 9,000 new jobs.


Also in December of 2013 retail trade employment grew by 55,000 jobs. Much of the growth can be found within general merchandise, clothing and accessories, food and beverage stores, motor vehicle and parts dealers.  In 2013 retail trade added an average of 32,000 jobs per month in 2013. Likewise, wholesale trade was above last year’s average of 8,000 jobs per month coming in at 15, 0000 new jobs.


In the past 5 years United States manufacturers have added over a half a million workers to their payrolls. US onshore manufacturing efforts continue to move in a positive direction with increased production translating into many new employment opportunities across the nation. 1


GDP Numbers By the Industry


The current figures found at the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that the Gross Domestic Product numbers by industry have been positively trending upward with many important segments eclipsing the past two years figures. The continued increase of  “Value added by Industry” numbers shows Manufacturing, Construction and Real Estate all steadily climbing.

It Adds Up

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For every single dollar spent in manufacturing generates $1.35 of added activity in the economy. 


It Is Time

It's time for the manufacturing segment of the economy to pick back up.  Shown is a nixie clock adorning our office at Evergreen Recruiters.

As the growth continues, so does the need to step up hiring activity. As an industry-specific recruiter for the manufacturing and building industries we have seen firsthand the steady and strong uptick in hiring.  Many companies are experiencing steady demand and are using our services to help fill key roles.

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