6 Ways To Find Your Next Manufacturing or LBM Job

By | February 25, 2016

If you’re in the middle of a full job search, you may or may not have enough time to check social media or a jobs website for new job notifications. Or if you’re searching for a new position while working, you might have a limited amount of time to find what you’re looking for.

Here are the ways we can help you get to what you need the fastest on our website.

1. Keyword search. Manufacturing, building materials, sales, B2B, cabinets, US states and more – our convenient Swiftype search lists all job postings we have without having to go to another page.  Even keywords in the job listing show up for your search, like this search for Division 8.

2. Jobs by category. Get the extensive list of all our jobs by category.  To make sure you see all jobs in each category, try using this instead of our keyword search.

manufacturing and building materials jobs by category
3. Front page jobs at a glance. Click any bookmarked link to move to and from all our job categories.

4. RSS alerts. It’s a highly competitive job market, and often, getting your resume in first can make all the difference. Stay on top of every job posting we have as they come in with our handy RSS link.

Just add an RSS add-on to your browser (we use Brief for Firefox) or sign up at Feedly.com, and then add our feed (http://www.evergreenrecruiters.com/?cat=565&feed=rss2) to see our postings in real time.

Update: you can now create your own alerts one keyword at a time.  Click here to learn how!

building materials and manufacturing jobs feed
5. Our email list. Receive our jobs newsletter every Friday in time for your weekend job search.  If you missed our last newsletter, you can get it just by visiting our signup page.  Also get a link to our free interview preparation guide with every newsletter when you’re ready to interview.

manufacturing and LBM jobs newsletter
6. Resume submissions – Evergreen Recruiters welcomes executives and top salespeople to submit resumes here. With the right qualifications and a solid work history, we are often able to place accomplished building materials and manufacturing professionals who are actively employed but seeking better opportunities.

Thanks for reading our website guide.  If you have any feedback, please let us know how we can help at webtools@evergreenrecruiters.com.