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6 Ways To Find Your Next Manufacturing or LBM Job

If you’re in the middle of a full job search, you may or may not have enough time to check social media or a jobs website for new job notifications. Or if you’re searching for a new position while working, you might have a limited amount of time to find what you’re looking for. Here… Read More »

Welding Offers Stable, Diverse, In-Demand Career Options

Considering welding as a career? Individuals with comprehensive welding training often have little difficulty securing a job and a stable income. In fact, the country is currently facing a shortage of skilled welders, so the demand for these professionals is high. The welding career path and the impact of welders on the economy is explored… Read More »

Millennials in the Manufacturing & LBM Workplaces: Part 1

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. — Milton Berle Millennials: the term is everywhere lately.  This newly matured generation, raised in a high-tech environment, faces and presents new challenges in hiring and employment.  Many traditional advertising, recruiting, hiring, training and retention practices are falling by the wayside, leaving companies short of the skilled help… Read More »

Results Based Building Materials and Manufacturing Staffing

It’s time to grow. Should you add to your ranks? How often are some of your business issues answered with little or no investment? Evergreen Recruiters provides risk free help. As a contingency-based staffing agency, our approach is concise and risk free; if you do not hire our candidate, you owe nothing. We are experiencing… Read More »

Millennials and Building Materials: Mobilizing The Future

From our recruiting point of view we are challenged daily in finding skilled labor in the LBM and manufacturing industries. Even though the demand is there and many manufacturers and dealers plan to hire both now and in the near future, filling this need is no small task. Budgets will be strained with recruiting and… Read More »

10 Reasons Evergreen Can Recruit For Your Manufacturing Or LBM Company

1. Evergreen Recruiters utilizes many years of management, team building and negotiating experience, making us a very effective and successful building materials and manufacturing recruiting firm. 2. Our daily contacts work in concert with our website and social media presence. The online services of our in house computer experts extend our online reach and support,… Read More »

Evergreen Recruiters Helping Manufacturers Find Top Employees

US Manufacturing Continues To Heat UP by Harold Barnard   Manufacturing employment  in 2014 continues the upward trend that left 2013’s December gain of more than 9,000 new jobs.   Also in December of 2013 retail trade employment grew by 55,000 jobs. Much of the growth can be found within general merchandise, clothing and accessories, food and beverage stores,… Read More »

The Manufacturing Recruiting Process

How Great Talent Connects to the Manufacturing Industry Via Evergreen Recruiters There are some manufacturing jobs that are filled quickly, but normally the process takes many days or even weeks to be filled via normal in-house HR methodology.   This turn-around time can be greatly shortened by enlisting the help of an industry-specific recruiter.  For our recruiter-filled… Read More »

What To Expect In A Building Materials and Manufacturing Recruiter

Whether you’re looking for employment solutions as an employer or client, the ideal building materials and manufacturing recruiter abides by an solid set of standards summarized here as the RECRUITER ETHOS. Reliability – We are here for you in the long term. Experience – We have more than 40 years of combined experience in building… Read More »

The Evergreen Building Materials & Manufacturing Blog: Recovery Continues

As the global economy continues to improve and the demand for both building materials and manufacturing grows the need for solid employees challenges employers. According to Marketline the forecast for this market is for annual growth to increase at 6% or more ultimately reaching around $890 billion in 2015. The housing market, which in part… Read More »

Welcome To The Evergreen Blog

I would like to welcome you to our new website and introduce some new members of our team.  Lionel Houde comes to us wearing many different hats and talents. He rebuilt our site in a day and a half and is a hard working talented professional.  He is honing his recruiting skills and considered a valuable… Read More »

Evergreen: Keeping Your Labor Pool Full And Clean | Manufacturing Staffing | LBM Staffing

I had an industry peer ask about the current state of the skilled labor talent pool today. The pool may be viewed by some as a bit dry. So many experienced and talented folks had to turn outside the industry to find work and income doing anything they find and in some areas has left… Read More »

On Opportunity

Opportunities are out there, and many challenges exist. The real goal is to uncover them, pursue them and then capitalize on them. With budget cuts, increased competition, slimmer margins, technological advances, adversity comes from every direction. The business climate is constantly evolving and to compete, you must change as well. Challenges and adversity also allow… Read More »