Building Materials & Manufacturing Recruiting: The Evergreen Approach

Highly qualified people don’t just bubble up to the surface with a few social media posts.  Pitching to a mass audience online may have great reach, but posts also bring in an avalanche of well-meaning, but often underqualified, or worse, completely unqualified people.  Recruiters save HR personnel valuable time fielding and filtering out applications that have no need to reach a company in the first place.  When we represent a client who asks for a plant manager with 5-7 years of experience, we’re not going to submit someone with two.  We make sure the candidates fit the job and the job fits them.

We filter out obvious mismatches and not-so-apparent incompatibilities.  We vet the candidates before they are submitted.  They know what the role is, what experience is needed and then only submit those candidates who would take the job if offered. We try not to waste anyone’s time.

Top professionals are busy working. Great recruiters develop long-term relationships with candidates.  These candidates provide invaluable leads and referrals to other strong professionals that, like them, are probably not looking, not posted on the internet and would never call a HR person directly, but may entertain a new opportunity.

Evergreen Recruiters clients also benefit from a database amassed over several years with thousands of industry specific candidates.


manufacturing staffing

Many of the building materials and manufacturing candidates we place are active in their industries.


Extensive Connections

We are a safe haven for candidates to talk to about a possible move without jeopardizing their current role.  We receive résumés from candidates not currently listed on job boards. They likely are in a good job currently, but for one reason or another would like to see what’s out there.  They don’t call and speak to other companies directly.  They contact us. The main difference between recruiters and any HR department is that this is all we do.  We don’t do payroll, process insurance or field casual inquiries.  We source people, find people, and help great companies grow.  We are not paid until we produce. It is literally no risk to a company to use a contingency based recruiter.

We place enough importance on finding long-lasting matches for clients that we are not paid until they are hired; we then guarantee our placements for 90 days.

Multiple Channels, Multiple Approaches


Some types of jobs are better suited for specific job advertising platforms than others. Twitter, for example, does an amazing job of getting web traffic, but how many people are really willing to make a career move on a job summary of 140 characters or less? Understandably, not many.  We carefully analyze and evaluate each platform’s strengths – in Twitter’s case, creating highly detailed job listings in just a few words, and drawing people to our full website listings – but unless you have a highly focused online message, promoting a position through your company’s social channels will probably just reach a lot of customers.  Geographical location and other demographics can also cause differing responses to various types of job postings.

Returns on the Recruiting Investment


  • Industry job boards, while far more focused, can be cost-prohibitive in the worst cases.  Some companies may have huge email lists and traffic, but what use is there for an expensive ad that ultimately falls through the cracks and provides no return?
  • Without tangible final results, all the likes and shares in the world don’t justify up-front advertising or staffing fees.
  • Like fee-based recruiting agencies, Evergreen Recruiters secures mission critical professional replacements, but unlike them we only earn our fees from months of productive work already achieved at your company.

More Than Media


While we do some work with job sites like Craigslist, LinkedIn, Monster and others, they’re one of the many tools that any company or individual can use.   It is, however, hard to beat good old fashioned communication including actual conversations with actual professionals, on the phone or live in person.  Is your HR department refining the massive influx of online posting responses into solid results?

Evergreen Recruiters – Finding Solutions For You


Not only do we pride ourselves on bringing excellent results quickly, we also know what works and what won’t. While the Internet has made the world much smaller, it can still be difficult to navigate clearly and deftly.  Our online recruiting approach brings results as reliably as our offline practices.

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“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.”

— Henry Ford