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By | April 17, 2013

I had an industry peer ask about the current state of the skilled labor talent pool today. The pool may be viewed by some as a bit dry. So many experienced and talented folks had to turn outside the industry to find work and income doing anything they find and in some areas has left a large hole in the talent pool. To make matters worse, many companies only want current experience and many really good people who have a year or two or three gaps in their perspective areas of expertise have been left out of the running. So we are left with two options: hire green peas and train train train, or dust off some of the more seasoned folks and bring them back into the fold.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. The green pea costs less, is viewed as more malleable, associated with reduced health costs, not so jaded and untouched by rigor mortis. But, they are not experienced, thus training costs and time are more, they have yet to establish long term relationships and will be slower to bring up to speed. Going with the geezer gang brings wisdom, experience and relationships that only come with wearing down the shoe leather over much time and many miles. This cannot be replaced by tweets, Google searches, emails, mobile calls, texts, or IM’s. There is still something to be said for a solid handshake and getting eyeball to eyeball with the check writers.

There are many lessons found and learned that only come with time. You cannot train for every building materials or manufacturing staffing issue that faces the employee. If the employers can see past the gray hair and all the other assumed issues with the older employees I think the returns will come rather quickly. I’ve found the best bet is to strike a balance between millennials and blue hairs. The youthful energy can be contagious and invigorating and the leading wise sage advice and insight should likely serve both youth and age very well. The synergistic blend of hiring both ends of the spectrum should produce the wanted results. But not many companies appear to be doing this. Message us or give us a call today at (603) 606-2855 and we can help you with any employment solution. Evergreen Recruiters: Finding Solutions For You!