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Evergreen’s Millwork Recruiters: Finding Solutions For You

Millwork recruiters have a wide range of positions to recruit for.  At Evergreen Recruiters, we are able and ready to staff your millwork operation for both standard and custom jobs and positions.  We have a large exclusive database of craftsmen skilled in making doors, hardware, windows, cabinets, stairs, moulding and more.  We also retain an extensive list of active sales, management, supervision, operations and administrative professionals with millwork skills and experience.

Whether a single location business or part of a Fortune 500 company, Evergreen is able to screen and adjust our prospective talent pool by experience level, compensation range, location, and other client requirements.

To start a conversation with founder and president Harold Barnard, please fill out our contact form on this page.  He will contact you promptly at the next possible opportunity.

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