Results Based Building Materials and Manufacturing Staffing

By | August 26, 2015

It’s time to grow. Should you add to your ranks? How often are some of your business issues answered with little or no investment? Evergreen Recruiters provides risk free help. As a contingency-based staffing agency, our approach is concise and risk free; if you do not hire our candidate, you owe nothing.

We are experiencing a steady increase in recruiting activity in 2015 and are well positioned to help you with all of your hiring needs. Our focus on manufacturing, lumber and the building materials industries as a whole can provide you with most any hiring need you may have. Open ongoing communications with our contacts among industry professionals gives us confidential, insider information not always posted online or known publicly.

Leveraging our knowledge and daily interactions with our clients and candidates allows us to connect with great people. We have a straightforward, common sense approach to our business. We bring you well qualified candidates to grow your business.

We cover the industry at all levels, working for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers across the US.

Please contact us for any of your employment needs at (603) 606-2855 or use the form below.


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