The Manufacturing Recruiting Process

By | December 10, 2013

How Great Talent Connects to the Manufacturing Industry Via Evergreen Recruiters

There are some manufacturing jobs that are filled quickly, but normally the process takes many days or even weeks to be filled via normal in-house HR methodology.   This turn-around time can be greatly shortened by enlisting the help of an industry-specific recruiter.  For our recruiter-filled jobs, much more effort and diligence is invested, utilizing a different set of proven steps and contacts.

Before a recruit ever walks in the door, or fills in a contact form, or responds to a typical HR advertisement through local sources or Monster, CareerBuilder and other Internet sources, significant time has passed through the normal channels of communication within the facility. By the time the vacancy is known and approval to fill the opening is given, and all the other requisite steps have been taken, much valuable time has passed.  In the meanwhile responsibilities have been redirected, assignments shelved, and productivity reduced while management waits for the new worker to come on board. At the very least, something is now stressed within the manufacturing environment. This can be very costly to the manufacturer.

This is where Evergreen Recruiters will shorten the on-boarding process of bringing in new talent.

Once the search has begun, a significant amount of effort is spent by the recruiter analyzing the position and culture, and creating the target profile of, a successful applicant.  The next step is to tap our extensive in-house database of industry-specific individuals for referrals and prospecting.

While our effective manufacturing recruiters give full focus to each applicant within their own database, there will also be a wide range of applicants gathered from many different avenues, all of which we cannot not disclose here.

Once the initial round of applicants has been gathered, they are further screened with personality and skill assessments.  The needs of the company and the candidate’s adaptability to company missions and goals also weigh in as to an applicant’s value to the company.

Resumes are submitted for evaluation and those appropriate candidates are then selected for the next steps. Testing and screenings completed, meetings will be scheduled and interviews conducted.  In some cases, especially within manufacturing facilities, skill tests are also mandated.

Once the best candidate has been selected, job offers are finalized and orientation, or onboarding, finally begins.  Meetings, organizational training, and automated presentations help accommodate the new hire to the manufacturing organization.

Here at Evergreen, we are committed to providing a smooth transition through the application process for manufacturing concerns and applicants alike.  With 40 years combined experience and a steady ongoing relationship with top US manufacturers, we are continuously staffing America and Canada’s finest manufacturing companies.