What To Expect In A Building Materials and Manufacturing Recruiter

By | August 10, 2013

Whether you’re looking for employment solutions as an employer or client, the ideal building materials and manufacturing recruiter abides by an solid set of standards summarized here as the RECRUITER ETHOS.

Reliability – We are here for you in the long term.

Experience – We have more than 40 years of combined experience in building materials and manufacturing recruiting.

Connections – The most outgoing recruiter in the world will still be ineffectual without a solid contact base to speed up and enrich the process. At Evergreen Recruiters we have more than 50,000 industry specific contacts to work with helping you.

Responsiveness – From the initial to final placement, we are proactive and adaptable to developments throughout the employment process. Whatever the need, Evergreen remains vigilant; protecting your interests. We are very nimble and flexible for whatever contingency arises.

Understanding – Even one square peg in a round hole can weaken a foundation. We are careful in making a solid match for everyone.

Insight – Recruiters need to see beyond just the information presented and dig deeper into every opportunity. Finding solutions for you requires both common sense and good intuition.

Trust – With so much at stake, trust is a cornerstone for all parties involved. We work hard to earn and keep yours.

Ethics – Always, and in all ways, a good recruiter knows and abides in every dealing with honesty, integrity and ethics.

Reliability – At Evergreen Recruiters we know what the needs of the employer and employee are and what it takes to put the two of you together. We are cognizant of this with every search and make this promise: You can count on us to find solutions for you.